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We can't wait to share the joy of new French Bulldog puppies with our customers! We have a current litter with several beautiful babies waiting for their new homes. If you're interested in adding a French Bulldog to your life, we encourage you to reserve your spot now. And if your preferred litter is already full, please let us know - we'll be sure to add you to our waitlist and notify you as soon as any other puppies become available.

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Andy the Able

Andy is a sweet blue fawn French Bulldog. He was born on February 23rd 2024. Andy has the perfect structure and personality to match. His body is compact and built. He has the standard square head and large bat ears. What makes Andy stand out from his sisters and brother is his sweet gentle personality. He loves to play with his litter mates and his favorite thing to chew on are the little sticks he finds outside in the yard. Andy will have his mandatory puppy vaccines and he will be de-wormed with a negative stool sample. He has had a full medical exam and is in perfect health. He is an AKC registered puppy. Please call if you are interested in learning more about Andy.  

Litter A- Born February 23rd 2024


Kindly keep in mind that numerous factors are beyond our control! Mother Nature takes the lead, and as a result, the timing of heat cycles and the estimated due date or go-home date may not always align with predictions. RIVER CITY FRENCHIES holds the right to utilize a different stud if required for a specific breeding. In such cases, we will diligently strive to maintain similar colors and sizes expected for the litter. Additionally, RIVER CITY FRENCHIES retains the first right to keep puppies of breeding quality for our breeding program. It's worth noting that certain coat colors may naturally evolve, either fading or darkening over time.

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